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I     Regular, proper oral care can help to maintain your  overall general health.   Teeth cleanings atleast every six months is one of the most important steps you can take to maintain or improve your oral health.    Below are common questions patients ask us to understand why regular cleanings and good home care are important to maintain a healthy mouth.  

Common  Questions  Our Patients Ask

What Can I Do Between Visits to Maintain My Oral Health?


Five minutes twice a day is all it takes to maintain or improve oral hygiene.

Infant Care:  Give the infant plain water instead of milk or sweet juices at

                       naptime.  Gently clean newly erupted teeth, gums and tongue with a

                       gauze or washcloth.

Children:      Parents may wish to clean the child's teeth before bedtime and allow the

                       child to try brushing on his/her own.  First visit to the dental office is

                       recommended at about age 2.

Teenagers and Adults:  A thorough cleaning of your mouth once or twice a day is best.

                       Use a soft toothbrush and brush every surface for about three minutes.

                        Floss gently around every tooth daily and brush the tongue.

Seniors:         Seniors should brush and floss regularly to prevent cavities especially  

                       around the roots.  Denture wearers should clean their mouth daily and

                       have regular check ups to prevent oral halth problems.


What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a focus on aesthetic results and using a variety of the latest restorative techniques and materials, we can help transform your smile.

The concerns may be a space between the teeth, broken or chipped teeth, cracked or leaky fillings, discolored teeth or crooked or poorly shaped teeth.

To address any of these conditions we may use any or all of the following cosmetic techniques.  Bonding, porcelain veneers, tooth whitening, tooth coloured fillings, crowns, bridges, dental implants and orthodontics.  

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about cosmetic dentistry.  Please, just ask us!




Why do I need a dental check up and cleaning every six months?


With poor oral care, bacteria can cause cavities and inflammation of the gums leading to gum disease.  If unchecked, the bacteria can lead to complete destruction of the tooth and ultimately, the loss of the tooth.  Scheduling a check up and cleaning every six months will allow your dental team to clean away the bacteria and check the teeth for any signs of a cavity or gum disease.

We show you how to improve you brushing and flossing and suggest preventative tools like xylitol and fluoride to help prevent oral disease.


Your dental team is trained to help you maintain  good oral health for a lifetime.  We will do our best to answer all you questions about how to maintain  healthy teeth and gums  and keep you informed of any concerns.  We want to build a strong  relationship with you. We will call you to remind you of cleaning appointments and answer questions  regarding dental insurance or payment.  Just ask us!!  We want to help!!







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